Does Your Internet Marketing Design Create Value?

If there is one thing that the e-crash of April 2000 has not changed, it is the angle under which journalists approach the Internet. A few years back, they were talking about millionaire entrepreneurs and fundraising, and today they are only talking about failing start-ups and companies filing for bankruptcy. The Internet problem boils down to a simple financial question: How can internet marketing design redefine the Internet?

However, individuals must not stop looking for more complex ways to increase their business presence. The value of a site goes beyond the mere monetary dimension. While many sites generate no cash flow directly, they still have value for the company: improved brand image, dissemination of information to investors, partners, and so on. The value of a site is measured also in terms of interactivity, social utility and promotional efficiency; All aspects are determined by a set of technical factors that include ergonomics and marketing… In a word, a company’s value is a direct consequence of their overall quality.

But what is the overall quality of a website? Each expert has their own vision of this concept. The quality perceived by each Internet user results from a website’s technical functioning, which has a real potential for seduction and respect for promises displayed. Behind the apparent triviality of this, the Internet hides a real complexity of implementation.

It is not enough to properly manage and develop the proper functioning of a site. Indeed, the very nature of the web makes any company dependent on the technical capacities of its service providers: a failing host or an ineffective database publisher can jeopardize everything your company has worked so hard for. Thus, in an incident, nearly 20% of on-line transactions are permanently abandoned and 9% of Internet users switch to its competition.

Suffice to say that neglecting this problem by not regularly carrying out tests is a fault of the management. However, a site cannot fully protect itself against these risks. In the absence of a nationally and internationally recognized standard, many companies are blossoming because they are designed to get past the effects concerning a lack of quality and safety. These are the businesses to steer clear of.